E-mail and proper communication

Many of you that know me really well know how much I dislike e-mail as a discussion forum. Although the speed of e-mail makes its instant communication seem almost as fast as speech, it’s written and contains information about a specific topic. Professionals need to spend time reviewing e-mail messages in order to make sure that its clear and concise. However, this usually doesn’t seem to apply to e-mail from friends. That really bugs me, because I consider e-mail a written forum, not a form of discussion. I’m not likely to read a message that has no attempts at proper grammar and punctuation. I found the following article on Microsoft’s web page that seems to hit the mark. Although it’s written for managers, I think it should apply to everyone. Click here to see the Microsoft article.

And since I’m on the subject, I also dislike when people spend a lot of time speaking on cell phones when you’re with them. I’ll admit that I’ve done this a couple of times, but I also try to limit the calls to a minimum. Anyway, here’s another Microsoft article on the subject.

Since I’m ranting, I’ll also get into the AOL CDs that I keep getting in the mail. I don’t want them, I want nothing to do with AOL, and I will never install it on my PC. If it were a choice between using AOL and never having Internet access anymore, I can live without the Internet. Anyway, click here to see a group that’s addressing the issue (I learned about this on TechLive).

Finally, I’ve updated My Scrapbook to include my nephew in the title. In the meantime, I’m still working on ideas for my new web site. Since this site is a continuing work in progress, it will be a while before it’s available.

Photoshop Elements quickly mods pictures

I managed to complete both the scrapbook pages for Charlie’s birth and Easter. I recently discovered a quick way to convert my photos from their regular format to web friendly thumbnails and images using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, making the work much easier. This feature is also available in version 1.0 (which I’ve used for the last couple of years), but it isn’t as robust as the newer software. There are other very cool features in 2.0 that make it worth having. Since I’m no professional photographer and don’t manipulate images heavily, I don’t see the need to purchase a full version of Photoshop. Plus, Elements has many of the features of the full version, but they’re usually hidden. Anyway, I’m happy I completed these pages. I’m really happy to show off my new nephew as well as my nieces. I’ve already warned my sister about my plans to influence his healthy heavy metal enjoyment!

Meeting a senator

Happy belated Easter! I spent the day with my family. I took some pictures of my nieces and my nephew (don’t worry, they’re coming soon). It was a great time.

I was out shopping when I ran into State Senator John Erpenbach. I introduced myself as one of his constituents and told him that I’m a big fan of his. He really seems like a down-to-earth guy, so he’s got my vote.

Finding Nemo

Dude, if you haven’t seen Finding Nemo yet, you’re missing out on a really great movie. I just rented it on DVD, and I was just absolutely blown away! I couldn’t tear myself away from the television. What was I thinking, not seeing this movie sooner? I bought the video game for my nieces, especially Isabel who keeps beating me at Dead or Alive 3. But the movie is way greater!! Whoa, I’m like so at the video store tomorrow, dude! Sweet.

I discovered a handy script to use for my address below that should not attract spam. You can now click on the link below. However, if I start receiving spam, I’ll switch it back. In the meantime, the new site is still in the works. I hope to post an example soon. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

My desk is done

The desk is done!! I brought the aprons home last week and put up the base for the corner unit. When it was completed, it looked like a fence, so I’ve dubbed it “the fence.” Today, my brother-in-law Vince and my niece Isabel helped me bring the top home (Isabel didn’t actually lift anything, but she did help hold the door for us). So, it’s done, as evidenced by my writing this on the desk. I’m extremely excited. Now all I have to do is finish moving stuff from the dining room table to the desk. Click here to see the two new pictures I’ve added to the desk page.