Desk one step closer to completion

I’m really excited about the desk being almost complete. I was in Milwaukee again over the weekend finishing the top. It looks great! It’s one heavy desktop, but it’s going to be worth it when I get it home and installed. When I’m finished, I’ll start scanning pictures and working on the write-up.

I’ve added a couple of new sites to My Links list. Their both under Entertainment. The first is, which is a site that collects official reviews of film, video/DVD, music, and games from other sources and tabulates them to provide an average. The second is the official Xbox web site. I don’t know why I didn’t add them before.

Speaking of improvements to my site, I was thinking about moving the Xbox page into My Bio. I’ll probably break out the hobbies page into several different pages for major things like guitar and Xbox. It’s all in the works (in my mind), and probably won’t be available until the site redesign, which I probably won’t work on until later this year. Speaking of which, I’m still interested in collecting ideas, including sample sites and usage.

Finally, my uncle and aunt that live in England have just about finalized their plans to visit the US. I’m really excited about seeing them again. I have a cousin who lives in India that has been working in Canada, but she’s only there for a few more weeks. I do feel bad about not finding the time to visit her. Unfortunately, work has had me very busy, and taking time off has been difficult. And since I’m on the topic of family, Charlie is really doing well. That reminds me, I should finish that scrapbook page, shouldn’t I? As I stated, I should be able to complete a list of web site updates when the desk is in place.