Computer file storage

I was a caller on The ScreenSavers today. How cool is that (my 15 seconds of fame, which was actually closer to a minute-and-a-half)? My question was, “What is the best media to use to back up my data? DVD, internal hard drive, or external hard drive?” Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose (today’s hosts) responded that they really admire the Maxtor One-Touch external hard drive, especially if you have either USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394 (Firewire) for a fast back-up. They also questioned the archival quality of CDs and DVDs, seeing how they can actually deteriorate in a short amount of time.

In other news, the desk is almost done. I’ll probably work on it this weekend, and will have it in Madison the following week. Yikes, that means I better start working on the pictures (scanning pictures, resizing for the web, posting on a page). Okay, I’ll admit, I haven’t done much with the site lately. Perhaps when I have a chance this month, I’ll work on some items.