Xbox racing, office reorganization

I recently discovered that my good friend Jason has an Xbox. He and his wife moved to Minnesota shortly before I moved to Madison. It was really great hearing from him again. That afternoon I purchased Project Gotham Racing 2. So, it was racing and chatting; it was really great to hear from him and his wife again.

Our office reorganization has moved forward. My supervisors reassigned me to monitor the Division of Business Management’s (DBM) budget a year ago in addition to the Division of State Patrol. This year, they realigned us so that I now monitor DBM’s budget only. I also work for another section chief in my office. I’m very excited about the change, and I look forward to focusing on one area instead of two.

I’m still working on how the next site will look, but I think it will be delayed as I start to clean up this site. I have a lot of pictures presented in various ways, but I’d like to get them all into a standard format. Additionally, I need to clean up my pictures in My Scrapbook and separate guitar pictures and such from pictures of me. I also realized that some of the stuff I’ve written is out of date already and needs some cleaning up. So, the current format may stick around for much longer than I anticipated. Again, if you have ideas on how I can improve my site, or if you just happen to find a broken link or bad page error, please let me know.