I had problems with my PDA between both work and home yesterday, so I ordered a new one. The old one was a Compaq iPAQ H3635, and it lasted three years. I replaced the stylus lock and the battery a year ago, but it still remained a little touchy at times. So rather than spend a few more bucks and try to maintain the device for another six months to a year, I decided to replace it. Of course, the moment I got it to work, it functioned normally. But since I brought it home again, it is still behaving poorly. That’s when you know it’s time to replace it. Now I could have also just gone to a paper calendar. But if you’ve read my soapbox article, you know that I use it for more than just scheduling and contacts. But the new device I purchased, the Hewlett-Packard iPAQ H2215 (this link opens HP’s Internet site) includes software that can be programmed to operate my television, DVD player, and VCR. How cool is that?!? I may have to update that article… all in good time.

I recently received word that my desk is almost complete. I haven’t been there to work on it lately, but my friends have been spending a good deal of time on it. I’ll start working on the project page soon. I really can’t wait to have it home and in use!

I’ve added another Xbox game to my wish list. So far, I’ve been really cutting it up with both Halo and Rainbow Six. I like hand-to-hand combat games, but I find the special powers a little too much. I’ve added Dead or Alive 3 and Alias. I’d say more, but then you wouldn’t visit My Xbox page.