New Xbox

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day in which we remember the civil rights leader that challenged the social injustices of the nation and made people aware that change was needed. Over forty years later, things are better, but some injustices still exist. At least I got a day off, though. So, rather than updating my site and working on the new site design, I worked at home.

Okay, I have to admit something I never mentioned online before. I’m a smoker. I’m actually trying to quit right now, but it is not an easy process. I’ve tried to quit before, but this time I’ve given it much more thought and consideration (hey, I’m not getting any younger). I chose several things to keep myself busy while trying to quit. Among those, I bought a Microsoft Xbox. I tried out Halo a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it, but I decided to hold off on buying this console until I could justify it. So, my justification is that it’s a “carrot” to not smoking. Believe it or not, it has worked so far. It prevents me from thinking about smoking by keeping my hands and my mind busy.

I also signed up for Xbox-Live, but I haven’t found any friends online to play along with yet. As I continue to improve at the games that I have, I’m sure that I’ll start looking to join others. Later this month, I will start working on a Xbox page… this will be for listing the games that I have. But don’t expect much; it’s still new for me, but I may get tired of it later. So far, though, it’s been really cool.

In other news, I’ve just been plugging away at work and trying to keep things sane. The guitar playing is really coming along.