Packers in the playoffs, Jackson guitars

Happy New Year! After watching the Green Bay Packers defeat the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals miraculously pull off a down-to-the-wire touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings, I’m happy to announce that the Packers start off today in the playoffs as their division champion! What’s cooler is that my parents are in Lambeau to watch today’s Wild Card Game against the Seattle Seahawks. As long-time season-ticket holders, it’s the first time they have ever received tickets for the playoffs. Unfortunately, Green Bay’s weather is expected to get no warmer than 19-degrees (Fahrenheit), with a chance of snow. Fortunately, the Packers are historically a great cold-weather team.

And, as I promised, my New Year’s Resolutions are available in My Soapbox. I’ve also added a new link to My Links: Jackson Guitars. Fender Musical Instruments bought out Jackson/Charvel during 2003, but hasn’t changed the way guitars are made in their factory. Jackson is making the same great guitars that it made when an up-and-coming Randy Rhoads asked it to make him a custom guitar. My next dream guitar is a Jackson Soloist SL-1 with Snakeskin finish!