Grocery shopping

I hate people. Okay, I don’t hate people, but I really detest how some people have no regard for others.

I went grocery shopping after work (just running in for a couple of things) and had a tough time getting into the milk section. To my left was some older woman with her cart in my way; to my right was some younger guy standing halfway in the way, his basket on the floor in front of the path. Rather than make a fuss, I just lifted my shopping cart over dude’s basket (all he did was stare at his basket, hoping that I wouldn’t drop my cart on his precious cargo).

So, I finally grab my milk, purchase some other things (well, butter), and go to the registers to pay for my stuff. I hopped into line behind an elderly woman. I paid for my stuff and proceeded to move forward when I quickly noticed that the elderly woman was just standing in my way, staring at her receipt and her cart. She couldn’t move off to the side; she just stopped right at the end of the aisle, avoiding anyone from walking by.

Well, I totally loathe when people do that. They have absolutely no consideration for others, and they should be smacked (with a steel-shank boot upside the head!). From now on, if someone’s in my way, I’m retaliating (no, not with a boot, but I have other, less violent methods)! Okay, I’m done venting… for now.

I also noticed another issue with iTunes. This time, though, it could be the source CD. Don’t worry, I’m still working on the next soapbox article. Watch for it soon! In the meantime, I posted two new pictures of my nieces. See them in My Scrapbook.

Oh yeah, another The Screensavers celebrity has a book coming soon: Mod-Mania with Yoshi. It’s great for your collection of TechTV books, such as Leo Laporte’s 2004 Technology Almanac and Secrets of the Digital Studio (both of which I own copies of).