New site look inspiration

I’ve added a new quote I read off of a fortune cookie to the Soapbox Quickies. You can see that not much is going on with this site. That’s because I’ve been putting some energy into the new site. I hope to have it up this winter. I’m taking some cues from yet another company’s web site: Apple Computers. I like the cleanliness of Apple’s site, and it’s no-nonsense appearance. It seems to make things easier to find. Since I have a lot on my home page, I’ve also chosen to take cues from other sites and clean this page up. I’m currently working on a navigation bar and some home page buttons (they’ll have a familiar look). I’m also debating what to do with my mascot. Finally, I’d like to add a search feature. I admit that I don’t have a lot on this site, but I think a search would be a useful tool.

Again, if you have suggestions, please let me know.