iPod issues

I recently discovered two major drawbacks to the iPod. The first is a simple connection issue, the second is a software upgrade. Anyone who has used battery-powered guitar foot pedals knows that leaving your guitar cable plugged in drains the battery. Today, I discovered that if you leave the iPod’s remote plugged in, it drains the device’s battery. I also had the headphones plugged in, which could probably also drain the battery. Bottom line: don’t leave anything plugged in when you’re not using it.

The second drawback occurred when I upgraded the iPod’s firmware. Apple ships the iPod with firmware version 2.0.1, but offers version 2.1 on its web site. After upgrading, I had a few operational problems. Scanning Apple’s message boards reveals that there is apparently a number of problems with the newer firmware. So, I managed to restore the device’s default factory settings. So far, so good. These items will be added to my soapbox article (which is currently under review, and now revision).

In other news, I spent the past couple of weekends in Milwaukee working on my desk. My friend Emil and I stained, sealed, and sanded it, and we’ll varnish it soon. After that, one more sanding and hardware installation, and some minor cutting and assembly, and it will be ready to ship here.

Before I forget, I added a link to a really cool show I’ve gotten into lately. MI-5 is a British drama about three agents who work for Great Britain’s internal intelligence agency. The series airs on A&E. It’s a lot more down to earth than James Bond, and the agents deal with real world problems. That and the espionage spin are probably reasons why I’m drawn to the show.