Internet service quirks

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been for the last couple of weeks. It all started almost two weeks ago when I noticed that I couldn’t access Windows Update. I later discovered I couldn’t access secured web sites either. After trying to resolve the problem with both my ISP and Microsoft, I tried to perform a repair install of Windows. That resulted in my loss of Internet access. It was bizarre, though, because I could still send and receive e-mail. After three hours with Microsoft on the phone this past Monday, the problem still existed. The tech turned the case over to Microsoft’s Research office. I uninstalled some security software and checked for access, but to no avail. So I left the computer off for a couple of days.

Today, I thought I’d turn on the PC and back up some files in case I had to completely and cleanly reinstall Windows, and just for fun I decided to check if I still had no Internet access. Oddly enough, it all works. So, I’m back, here’s a new blog, and it’s a new quarter. And in case you were worried, I have security software on the PC again.