The problem with digital pictures

Work will continue on some things I’ve been promising for a while. I expect to have the guitar stuff up by this weekend, and the web site evolution stuff up before the end of October.

If you’ve been keeping up, I have a digital camera. That means that I can instantly see pictures and post them to the web. Unfortunately, I can’t give paper copies to those that don’t have a computer. So, I have to burn them onto a CD and take them to the photofinisher. That’s to be done tonight. More to come on the outcomes… in an upcoming soapbox.

I just finished watching the first new episode of 8 Simple Rules, and I am still in shock that John Ritter is no longer with us. It hits especially hard for me because it reminds me of my uncle who was also full of life and spirit who also passed away only a few days later. So, this blog is dedicated to those who brought joy into our lives and is no longer here to share it with us.