Johnny Cash, John Ritter die

Yesterday, the world lost two extremely talented performers. The first, Johnny Cash, was legendary in the realm of music. His melancholy sound and baritone voice connected with the common man (and woman) for over fifty years. The legacy that he left behind will always be remembered, and his music and spirit will always live on in all of us.

The second, John Ritter, was a talented and amazing actor. I remember growing up watching his character, Jack Tripper, on Three’s Company, and always thought that he was the greatest comic ever. As he moved on to other roles, I realized that he was not only a comic, but an excellent and often underrated actor. His return to television on 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughters was a great moment, because I had the opportunity to appreciate his comedy once again. Like Three’s Company’s Jack Tripper, Ritter brought Simple Rules’ Paul Hennessey to life only the way he could have. The shock of his death frightened me and really hit home, because he died from the same problem that my uncle was diagnosed with: a weakening of the aorta. Fortunately, they diagnosed my uncle in time. Unfortunately, they didn’t catch Ritter’s problem. Like Cash, Ritter will be missed, but never forgotten.

My uncle’s condition is slowly improving, but there is still a slight problem and more work must be done. I hope that things work out for him, and I wish him and my family well.

Today’s blog is dedicated to these two wonderful performers and to my uncle.

In other news, I continue to work on new ideas for the next web site format. Since I’m still planning, collecting ideas, and testing things, it is difficult to determine when the new site is expected to go up. As I’ve added above, though, please let me know if you have any ideas for improvement. Thanks.