My uncle, cell phone hoax

I just heard that one of my uncles is ill. I don’t want to explain the details because that’s something between him and his doctor, but it’s serious. So I’m dedicating today’s blog to him. He’s really a good man. He lives here in the US and worked for the federal government until his recent retirement. He’s always been really courteous and friendly to my sister and me. He’s got my prayers.

In other news today, I recently read an article at work that there have been three incidents where gas pumps exploded due to cell phone use. It turns out that this is an urban legend (which means that I have apology letters to send out now), but one that requires merit. It’s true that if a spark is close enough to petroleum vapors, they can ignite. This is true when putting a petroleum tank next to a hot water heater. Electronics also create sparks. So why take the risk? Leave the phone inside the car. The rule of thumb is to keep any sparking device at least 18 to 24 inches away from gas vapors.

Since the Labor Day holiday begins this weekend, I just want to say have fun, but be responsible. Don’t get too loaded before driving, stay safe on the roads and around town, and, above all, have a great weekend. Here’s to the working people, those that keep things going for the rest of us (don’t get me started on unemployment and this economy).