Time to add content

Thanks to a personal commitment to remain home this weekend, I am going to get some of this web site stuff done. Priority items include the web site evolution, the guitar page, and starting on the Great Britain pictures. Since I’ve actually got three days off (woo hoo, Labor Day!), I will also try to scan in pictures from the past year (would you believe it’s been a year since Madeline turned two?).

My long term plans include updating this site to give it a new look… again. Although I posted this site almost a year ago, it was actually in the works for about six or seven months. Since updating this site is a long-term project, don’t expect to see changes soon. In the short-term, I’ll probably update thing in My Bio. But the long-term plan includes adding cascading style sheets, using more JavaScript for the pictures, and possibly updating the mascot (I seriously need to do something different with dragon-dude).

It’s official… I performed a vanity search for my name and found it in Google. In case you forget my name (okay, who’s going to forget my name?), you can now enter it into Google and find my virtual lair. How cool is that?!?