up and running

Welcome to the new address! After trying to publish some pictures to the old site, I decided to publish to the new site. So, is officially live and running.

Not one, but two new soapbox articles are out. The first is related to an article I read about how ice cream is bad for us. A recent study showed that it can cause obesity, which leads to all kinds of health-related problems. Like one cone a week or a month is going to kill you? The second is about my PC upgrade experience. I’ve also added pictures (thanks to the new digital camera), which are linked from the article and available in the Scrapbook section. Talk about staying busy.

I have one more soapbox article I started on some time back, but I haven’t had much time to really think it through. And, as I promised, I’m working on the web site evolution. I’m still debating if this site will receive a facelift. And after this week, I’ll start thinking more about the Great Britain scrapbook. I have my last scrapbook class tomorrow, so I should be ready to begin building my first real scrapbook. I plan to use the real scrapbook as the foundation for the online Great Britain scrapbook. Wow, more work to do!