Vanity search in Google

I think I’ve unofficially decided to move and rebuild the new site in September. That should give me enough time to migrate files, develop some cascading style sheets (or something to that effect), learn some more stuff, and make it really worth checking out. Okay, maybe not worth checking out, but at least it will look cool (I hope).

I just returned from the mall, and I was shocked, horrified, and dismayed at what I saw. Some numbskull decided to move the kids fun center to the middle of the food court. Why is that bad? Well, it’s right in front of the entrance from the parking lot. Also, I foresee a lot of greasy fingers touching all of the playthings. Finally, I hate to say it, but it’s a huge security risk, especially with the rise in press coverage of missing children. Just be grateful that we have Amber Alert in Wisconsin now.

Have you ever done a vanity search? What’s that? It’s when you search for your name in a search engine. Since I’ve launched the new site’s preview, I have yet to see it appear. Instead, my name is out there. If you visit (this link no longer exists), you’ll see the only time my name shows up in Google. Or try it yourself… go to and type in my name. Yes, it’s me sitting in on that WICORTS meeting. While you’re at it, type in your own name and see what happens. Gee, what a way to have your name immortalized in cyberspace.

Before I forget, I plan on having a new soapbox this weekend. It’s not a big one, but it’s a soapbox.