Visit from friends

As promised, I’ve released the new soapbox article. Also, I’ve worked out some bugs with the new site. I have nothing on it yet, but I plan to have it up by next weekend.

I visited the “Art Fair on the Square” event in Madison today. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing lots of art. Okay, there are more exciting things. But it was nice to get out, stretch the legs, and catch a few rays all while seeing some interesting things. My friends Mark and Sandy came out for the fair and invited me to join them. We had dinner, stopped for coffee at the local Barnes and Noble, and saw a movie. The movie, “28 Days,” was just a disturbing film about a virus infection that leads many people to evacuate the country. There are many people that are infected with a disease called “rage,” but a handful of people aren’t infected and try to survive by avoiding the infected. The film was just really awesome… disturbing, but awesome.

Tomorrow, I help a friend put together some speakers. Guitars will be played.