More info on new Web host

How often is it that I write this frequently to the site? Not often, right? So what’s going on? Well, as I wrote yesterday, I have a new site and domain. I am still working on configuring it and getting it to work, but I would like to have it up and running by next week. As I also stated yesterday, I’m not changing this site… yet. I have some new ideas for the next site, but those ideas will probably be a few months down the road (good winter project).

Perhaps you would like a little information about the new site. It’s hosted through They offered a really good rate for a 100 MB site: $49.99 a year. I also registered a domain name. Now I’m not going to release it just yet, but I will say that it is not a dot-com. Since I’m still working on configuring the site, I will need to keep it quiet (security more than anything). At any rate, until I get it up and running, I will continue to work on the web site evolution pages in My Scrapbook.

In the meantime, I’ve added a new quote to Soapbox Quickies under My Soapbox… just an interesting little snippet from Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned Yost regarding the sausage incident. Also, I will be adding the next soapbox article over the weekend… something about UW System students (yes, I was one of them). Believe it or not, I may have another one up as well regarding my recent upgrade. Amazing!