New camera, PC

I swear that I just single-handedly boosted the digital industry’s economy. In addition to a new camera, I upgraded my old computer with a new motherboard, CPU, hard drive, and case. I will likely upgrade the CD-RW and other parts within the next year (knowing me). But I’m glad that I did it. My old computer was so slow under Windows XP (it did work pretty well under Windows 98), and I finally had it when it took me close to ten minutes to save a black and white map that I scanned. So, the new computer is officially up and running. I took some pictures of the upgrade, but I don’t plan on putting pictures on the site just yet.

Speaking of the site, I’m still looking into finding a new web server. If I run into problems before then, I’ll have to rework this site. Again, I may find another way to help boost the NASDAQ. For someone who’s not big on technology, I’m certainly showing it!

Work on the trip to England probably won’t start for a while. This month will be extremely busy for me from this point on, so I won’t be spending much time working on the site. But please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback.