Pictures from the UK

I received my pictures from my UK trip yesterday. After thinking about how to get them from print to electronic pictures, I decided to scan them in using my scanner (the other option was photo CD). After scanning the first set tonight, I realized that this is going to take a while. I’m scanning them at the highest resolution my scanner will accept (600 dpi… it’s a three-year old scanner), and converting them to a web-friendly format using Adobe PhotoShop Elements (version 1.0; it’s an older version, but it suits my needs). Due to all of this work, I’ve started looking at digital cameras.

I’ve added a picture of Leeds Castle to the Scrapbook. As I continue to work on scanning pictures and writing my travel logs, I will begin to put together a section in my scrapbook of my trip. However, it will take a lot of space, and will require me to clean up other areas of the scrapbook (the other option is to find a larger server). Of course, this means that the web site evolution page will be delayed.