Snowmobiles in Yellowstone

I just viewed an episode of “Save our History” on the History Channel about Yellowstone National Park. Although I live in Wisconsin, I understand the importance of the national park system and the preservation of the ecosystem. I visited Yellowstone National Park almost 15 years ago and had the chance to marvel at its beauty and dynamism. I learned that one major debate is whether or not snowmobiles should be allowed to travel through Yellowstone National Park. I understand that people must make a living in the area, and that it is difficult to travel across the park during the winter. Although the park was established for the “enjoyment and benefit of the people,” the small economic gains of tourism by snowmobile pale in comparison to the large ecological and cultural gains of preserving the park and its wildlife. What benefits will people in the future receive if the wildlife is choked out of it? The current plan will phase out snowmobiles with two-cycle engines and allow only a limited number of snowmobiles to travel into the park. It will also allow snowmobiles with four-cycle engines to travel through. I think this is a step in the right direction, but it’s merely a bandage on a continuing growing wound.

I know you’re disappointed that that’s all I’ve got. I’ll start focusing on updates in the next week.