Consolidating State Patrol

The Battle for Iraq has ended! Here’s to all of the American, British, Polish, and Australian forces that fought for the freedom of the Iraqi people from an evil despot.

Okay, here’s something a little closer to home. I just ran into the Wisconsin State Patrol Superintendent. He had returned to the DOT building from a meeting with one of Wisconsin’s legislators. Last week, I attended a hearing in which the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Budget Review heard testimony from several law enforcement representatives. The goal was to determine if law enforcement should be consolidated for better efficiency. I find this extremely short-sighted. The different functions of the many law enforcement agencies vary so greatly that you can’t just create one large agency and expect it to police many different areas. At best, you could reduce support staff by about a handful of people. But the administrative degree and the basic enforcement duties would become just an absolute nightmare. Furthermore, police work is messy. There are times when all’s quiet, but then there are incidents when you need every law enforcement officer in the area. By eliminating one agency and shifting them into other smaller agencies (such as eliminating the Wisconsin State Patrol) is no different than robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Sure, most people would probably argue that there are too many police officers patrolling the streets. Well, we’re approaching another record year of highway fatalities, and most of it is due to alcohol, excessive speed, and lack of seat belt usage. So when your friend or family member ends up a statistic because of someone else’s carelessness, will you still think that there is too much enforcement, or not enough? I dislike being morbid about it (yeah, me dislike being morbid), but it makes the point.

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