Updating code

I don’t have much to add here today. I spent most of the day at work updating our federal intranet site, and I’m sick of looking at code. Although I used FrontPage to put it together, FrontPage is quirky and sometimes requires manipulating the html code.

I did spend a few minutes updating this site. Actually, all I did was rename all of the files, so now all I have to do is move some entries. I may actually get to the soapbox this weekend after all and update it before the end of the month.

Site updates slow

I admit that I haven’t spent much time updating my site. I did update my e-mail listed below for anti-spamming purposes. However, I’ve been working on an intranet site at work. I’m learning so much about editing html. I do plan on having my latest soapbox article on here before the end of May.

Speaking of the end of May, I’ll be visiting relatives. If I find the time, I’ll spend a good deal of time in May updating the site and making some necessary adjustments. Among the many things includes updating and cleaning up the scrapbook pages.

Title updates – my web log

I am making a few adjustments to the site. I updated the My Weblog file name and title (you should notice this in the bar above the file menu in your Internet browser). I also updated the e-mail listing below for anti-spamming purposes.

I spent an hour at my favorite local music store today to try out some guitars. I instantly fell in love with a Paul Reed Smith guitar. I added the manufacturer’s list to My Links yesterday. Although I know I won’t buy one anytime soon, it never hurts to dream. Now only if I can become a rock star… especially at my age!!

Web log

It’s a new quarter! The war continues in Iraq, but the Americans have made it to Baghdad. As I’ve mentioned before, I hope things go well for our troops. War is never pretty, and I don’t condone it. But I continue to support our troops and hope for their safe return home. I have updated my dedication below.

I have to admit that I haven’t done much with my technology article lately. But I’ve been thinking about it. I may have it up within the next week.

I discovered something new about the web. All of these little news tidbits that I write are called weblogs, or “blogs.” So, I have rephrased the “My News” button to “My Weblogs.” As a result, all the new pages should be updated.

Speaking of web-related things, I am considering adding Google as a search tool to my site. I will continue to explore this. The only problem is that I have to consider the amount of space on the site already. I have not had a chance to clean up some of the items on here, but I hope to finish this within the next couple of months.

For you guitar enthusiasts, I added a couple of guitar manufacturers’ web sites (Gibson, Paul Reed Smith) to My Links.