War imminent

For those of you keeping watch, the decision to attack Iraq is imminent. Let’s face it, there was a time when the world appeased someone who broke a treaty, engaged in a massive arms build up, and eventually attacked neighboring countries as well as began to slaughter people within his nation because of ideology or race. Hussein is not far different from Hitler. If we let him continue on his path, what consequences can we face? How can you apply diplomacy when dealing with a murderous despot?

Although I don’t condone war, I do believe that it is necessary to combat tyranny and terror. So this snippet is dedicated to the troops of all nations that have pledged their lives to serve their respective homelands in the allied fight against the tyranny in Iraq. As mentioned below, this site is dedicated to the combat of tyranny. I dedicate my support to the men and women of the United States’ military forces and their allies. The flag continues to shine on this site in recognition of their efforts.

I don’t often write about my family, but I feel it important to mention that my mother has amazed me this past week. Last weekend, my family came to Madison for a wedding. My mother brought me a loaf of Breadsmith bread, and it’s totally delicious. This morning, she gave me the phone number of a company that offered me the best price on airline tickets through British Airways. The person that coined the phrase “mother knows best” must’ve known my mother. Of course, she’s my mother, so she’ll continue to impress me.

Speaking of airline tickets, I am planning to fly to England this summer. I have already booked my flight (if war breaks out, I’m swimming across the Atlantic) and am eager to fly. I’ll spend two weeks with relatives, and I expect to have a great time.

I’ve also added a new link… anyone who knows guitar pickups knows Seymour Duncan pickups. I have a pair of Pearly Gates humbuckers on my Fat Strat. See My Links for the new link.