Updates – March 2003

I admit, it’s been a while since I made any updates. I’ve chosen to clean up some items on the site. To start, I’ve made a slight change to the Soapbox index, so it should be easier to read. A new soapbox article is also in the works. I am also considering revising the News section to split things into quarters versus seasons… it’s probably much less confusing that way (2003 is set up that way now). In the next couple of weeks, I’ll also start clearing out some pictures for better utilization of the little space I have on the site’s server. I’m also hoping to get newer pictures online soon.

I’ve made the decision to quit working at Bed Bath and Beyond. My last day was last week Saturday. So far, I don’t miss it, but I do miss working with some of the folks there. I left on good terms, so I didn’t burn any bridges. I don’t expect to return.

The Governor’s Budget has been out for almost a month. We’re still sorting through all sorts of details and updating our Department’s summary. Now it’s a matter of watching the next phase of the process. In the meantime, we’re gearing up for operating budget.

On the personal front, things are going well. The desk is ready for finishing, but we’re waiting for warmer weather (the humidity is too low for staining and finishing). I’d like to post pictures of it here, depending on how I manage the space I still have… stay tuned.

On another front, Metallica has chosen their new bass player. Rob Trujillo, former bass player for the Suicidal Tendencies, Ozzy Osbourne, and Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society, began playing with the band last month. More information is available on Metallica.com. At first blush, the band’s choice in Rob is truly a great one. Good luck to you, Metallica… here’s to seeing you in July!!