New site materials coming soon

Hey, what’s happening? Just hanging out here, working on some new stuff. I may pull some pictures off temporarily, since I’m running out of space. But don’t worry; I intend to put them back once I redesign the Scrapbook pages.

I’m also working on a couple of new Soapbox articles. I know it’s been dry on here for a while. I’m sure you’re all wondering why I haven’t updated much since launching the new site. As you know, I’ve been pretty busy with working two jobs, guitar playing, and building a desk. But no need to worry, because things are going pretty well.

I’ve got some other things to do in the Links section, and I’m hoping that I have some noise out here soon. The noise probably won’t show up until after the first of the year, though. I suppose I better get practicing some guitar licks.

Updates – November 2002

Happy Autumn! Again, I’ve been pretty busy with life, but I have a little time to add some news.

First off, we’ve finished drafting our agency’s 2003-05 biennial budget. The process was long and arduous, but we got through it. Of course, we jumped right from biennial budget development to fiscal year 2003 operating budget set-up. The State’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. For more information on the State’s budget process, please contact me.

Aside from budget, I was also busy working my part-time job. I’ve since gone back to one day a week. Although I still enjoy working at BB&B, I’m beginning to realize that weekends are pretty important. Initially, BB&B was going to be a fun job, but I’ve found myself taking it far more seriously than I need to. I’m currently discussing the situation with my managers.

I haven’t worked on the desk much. I did drive into Milwaukee last weekend and get some important sanding out of the way. I will be checking with Chuck on when we can get together and finish this project. I am still clicking away with the camera, so pictures will hopefully be available after the desk is completed.

I recently received a videotape and a letter from a very good friend of mine in Japan. Eitaro and I spent a semester studying international relations at UWM when I became a Political Science major. We became very good friends, and we tried to keep in touch over the years. He made a video of various personal experiences (eating, camping, eating, drinking, eating, snowboarding, and eating… they apparently live it up in Japan), and edited it on his iMac. It’s really cool, but everyone speaks in Japanese, making it difficult for me to understand what’s being said.

I started taking guitar lessons. Although I’ve only had two lessons, I’ve already overcome a learning block. I am still working on recording onto my PC, but that’s been slow going as well. I have a couple of options to try out before I give up and seek assistance from a pro.

I am also on the quest to purchasing more clothes. I’ve lost weight (which I’m really thrilled about), so all of my pants are saggy. Shopping locally, I found jeans and khakis, but no dress trousers. I’ll need to special order them from Land’s End. 

Beyond that, nothing else is really going on. Golf season is over (it’s freaking cold here!), so it’s indoor stuff for a while. This winter, I’m going to try to be ambitious again. The local REI store has a rock wall, and I’ve been dying to climb for a long time now (I haven’t climbed since college). I also want to hit the slopes this year and try downhill skiing, snowboarding, or both (pray for snow). And I hope to have some guitar stuff recorded soon.