My new Strat

Has it been over a month since I last wrote? Given what I’ve been going through, I’m not surprised. I’ve been very busy. First, I’ve spent some weekends in the office to get some work done. Add to that my weekend job (Saturdays only for a month), and spending some time in Milwaukee. On the plus side, I found time to pay off my car and to buy a new Fender Stratocaster.

The new Strat is really nice. It’s a Double-Fat Strat, which means it has two double-coil (or humbucker) pick-ups (the magnetic devices that pick up the sound from the strings and send it to the amplifier), a really sweet sienna sunburst finish (which makes it look almost vintage), and a rosewood neck (I think they’re just easier to play). Playing it through the Mesa-Boogie amp I bought in May brings shivers to my spine… it’s that awesome! I still have my old Vester, and I haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I plan on posting pics of my guitars on the new site.

Speaking of the new site, I am debating if I’ll post it after I get the new desk installed. I don’t expect to finish it until November, so it may be a while. On the other hand, I may publish what I’ve got now and improve upon it as time goes on. I still have to determine what I’m going to do with the home page, so it may be a little while. I have tons of pictures to show here, but rather than having to “re-invent the wheel,” I’ve decided to publish them with the new site. If so, then I’m thinking closer to September… I’ll keep you posted.

Besides working and, well, working, not much has been going on. Stay tuned for more information.