Updates – May 2002

I can’t believe that I haven’t written here for almost two months! I have been extremely busy, so it’s time that I mention a few goings-on.

After a month of mix-ups and miscommunications, my desk is back on track. Chuck and I spent quite a bit of time this past Saturday getting a lot accomplished. I can’t wait to finish and get it home.

The new site is still in the works. I had to move some stuff around at home (i.e., moving the computer because I burned a wire in my heater), so my computer is now on the floor, and it’s difficult to use at the moment. But it is coming along, I have been rewriting some things, and I expect to have it up… hopefully before the summer is over. I have been adding photos to the new site, and I intend to add some other interesting items to the site.

In the last month, I purchased a new guitar and a new amp. The guitar is a Traveler Guitar, Speedster model. It’s pretty nice. I put the same strings on that I use on my regular electric. I bought it so I can practice in the office at lunchtime. It’s pretty small, so it’s fairly quiet. I also bought a processor to play around with different sounds and so that I wouldn’t annoy other people (via headphones). Two weeks later, my amp took a dive. I bought a new Mesa/Boogie F-50 combo. I plugged it in when I got it home, and it just wailed. It was sharp, responsive, loud, and wild… then I turned up the volume! I expect to get a new electric guitar within the next year… and you just may get a chance to hear some of my playing (I’m also looking for software). I haven’t stopped playing yet.

Speaking of playing, I played a couple of times with my good friend, Peggy Mueller. She plays the Steirische Harmonika (button-box, similar to an accordion or a concertina, but it sounds different and uses buttons instead of keys). I’ve had a blast, and I look forward to playing with her again. But unlike last time, I will be learning and practicing along with her CD.

I celebrated Isabel’s birthday yesterday. She turned three last week. Unfortunately, I felt really tired, so I was pretty crabby. I apologize to all of those that had to put up with me. But I also enjoyed watching my nieces eyes light up when I gave her a brand new tricycle.

Both jobs are going well. I have been extremely busy at the office, finishing both the last operating budget review and working on various other projects. I’ve also been busy working at the store. If the economy is improving, it sure shows at the store.

I don’t know when I’ll be writing my next update, but I will try to keep you informed as often as possible.