Major site re-writing

I have to admit, I haven’t been spending much time on the site. I’ve been totally busy with playing my guitar. I even took some time off today to try out some new guitars. I found a couple of impressive instruments.

It appears that I’ll have to rewrite a major portion of my site. I’ve created a new folder and will start on it when I have time… hopefully next week. I’m still aiming for early May, but please don’t hold me to that.


Happy Spring 2002! Last night, I went out and walked on a labyrinth. What’s a labyrinth, you ask? It’s an ancient pattern that a person walks along and seeks some spiritual answer or message. It has also been recognized by just about every religion. One of the most famous labyrinths is found in Chartres Cathedral in France. Unlike a maze, which is a puzzle, a labyrinth is one path that leads you “in” to the center and out again. While walking it, you may pray, focus, meditate, or whatever else you’d like to do. There is no correct way of walking it, but it is commonly done slowly and with meaning. What each person discovers is up to that individual. I have written a “snippet” about my experience, and it will be up when the new site is up.

In other news, I’ve started working on my desk. Two good friends and I have already purchased materials, and we should begin cutting this weekend. I have more materials to purchase, and I hope that we can complete this project in a timely manner. Due to schedule constraints, though, it may take some time before it is completed. I’ve waited this long, though, and the best things come to those who wait.

Today, I gave blood. It was relatively painless, initially, but now the puncture site on my arm is sore. Since it was my first time giving blood, I was given a little prize. I chose a cute little Garfield doll for my nieces.

Although I’ve finished taking guitar lessons at UW, I still find myself picking up my guitar, opening one or two music books, and practicing. I usually unwind after work now by picking up either the electric or the acoustic and playing. And when I find a break between tasks (such as laundry or cooking), I grab one or the other and continue to practice. I have developed a new love and respect for music in this sense.

Site development has been a little slow lately, but I plan on spending more time on it next week.

My cousin’s daughter

I received some bad news about my niece and my cousin’s daughter recently. Both had fallen ill. My niece has since recovered, but my cousin’s daughter (is that also a niece?) has a serious illness that is being cured. Unfortunately, she’ll require additional treatment for several years. I just want to send my prayers out there to all of the children that are afflicted with serious illnesses… may hope and love find them.

After spending some time working on a new web site at work, I’ve decided that I’d like to incorporate some of those elements into my new personal web site. As a result, I’ll be busy for a few weeks planning and working on it. Many of the elements include using web-safe colors and following some other important standards. Although most of it will be cosmetic, I’m incorporating some new things that I hope will be really appealing.

I’ve added more pictures to the new site. Most of them include pictures from Christmas 2001 and Winter 2002. I’m also working on some new elements for My Soapbox, including a printer-friendly version of all of my “snippets,” and a couple of new pages (those are currently listed in My Soapbox on this site).

Due to this, I’m guessing that the new site won’t be up until early May.