Site troubleshooting

I ran into problems with the new site, so I’m slowly troubleshooting bits and pieces of it. My schedule has also been pretty hectic, so I need to emphasize the word “slowly.” I expect to launch the new site next month, hopefully by the middle of the month.

Besides working both jobs, I’ve been testing my culinary skills, as our office chili cook-off is coming up. I’m submitting enough chili to feed an army (I should’ve really thought about that recipe), and I’m also providing cornbread muffins. Sorry, no cookies this time.

I’m also taking some time off to do some work in my apartment. I will be busy next month building my desk (finally), so I need to clean up the space for that.

The guitar lessons are going well, but my weeknights seem so limited lately. I only have two lessons left (one tonight and one next week), and I feel that I’ve learned quite a bit. Now I just have to find time to improve on those lessons. Fortunately, I’ll be scaling down on hours at my part-time job… mainly so that I can work on the desk.

I hope to spend more time updating the news as I get closer to releasing the new site. Until then, I hope you continue to appreciate the work I’ve done on this site.