Thanksgiving wishes and memorial to George Harrison

It’s been a crazy month! After upgrading to Windows XP, I discovered all kinds of problems with my Internet Service Provider. So, I switched to a coaxial cable connection (man, is it fast!). I’ve also been busy working both jobs, reconfiguring my computer to get everything to work, and helping my parents out with the purchase of a new home (closing is less than a month away… hopefully). Then there’s all the Christmas shopping (I’m glad to report that I’m almost done already). And I’ve still managed to find time to re-read J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. I plan on finishing The Fellowship of the Ring (the first book) soon – just in time for the movie!

I did manage to go home and celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. We had a wonderful time, but sadly, I had to drive home that evening to work the next day. I am just thankful that I could celebrate a warm and safe Thanksgiving with my family and loved ones, and that the day turned out to be very peaceful.

I finally got around to updating some web information. I am currently in the process of adding pictures of Isabel and Madeline (my nieces) to my site. I discovered a new tool in my publishing software, so I’ve used it to lay out the pictures of my nieces, and I plan to update the India pictures with it soon (I hope). I’m almost finished drafting some new soapbox material and plan to post it next weekend… assuming nothing comes up. And I’m sure many of you noticed the new coat of paint. But as I always say, “A new coat of paint and a name change doesn’t eliminate the ugly underneath.” So, I’ll be thinking of some other changes over the next couple of months. Unfortunately, the “gatekeepers” at the top of the page had to fight over space with the new banner and the flags, so I’ve moved the flag down (which will always remain a permanent part of this site).

Finally, I want to extend my prayers and sentiments to those who mourn with me over the loss of one of the greatest musicians of all time. He was able to step out of his old brown shoe and think for himself. While his guitar gently wept, he told us to think for ourselves when we needed someone to. There was something in the way he moved us, and he told us it was alright when the sun came. He’s now on Cloud 9 with his sweet lord and one of his other great former band mates. My heart and mind are set on him, and I will always give him love. My guitar gently weeps for the loss of George Harrison, as do all of those who loved him and his work. May he finally find peace, and may his legacy live on within us all.