New pages dedicated to my nieces

There is a new page on my web site dedicated to my nieces, Isabel and Madeline. They are my sister’s daughters, and they are the two cutest girls I know. Although still in the works, I will spend more time this fall and winter putting it together. Please keep in mind that I still prefer film to pixels (not you, Brian?), so I have to spend time scanning in each picture. Please visit My Scrapbook to see more (please note: as of November 2006, this page is no longer available).

Some pretty good golf

I just thought I’d write quickly about my golf league. I played during the last three weeks of a five-week session (I played with my office during the first week, and I was sick the second). During the third and fourth weeks, we had instruction. We learned about hitting out of bunkers. It took me a little time, but I finally learned the fundamentals of this tricky shot. I was able to use it during a round of play during my first time out at Odana Golf Course this past Saturday. I took my set-up, aimed, and just allowed the ball to explode… bang, right out of the bunker! I didn’t do well that day, but I had some impressive shots.

We went through video-taping during the fourth week of league. I had been having problems with my woods for a little while, so I chose to see what I was doing wrong. After a few swings, our instructor pointed out a couple of important mistakes. I did what I could to correct these, and I did a much better job of hitting the ball straight (well, for the most part). Although I still need some work on distance, I am improving my technique. Now only if I can do better on that par 3… I shot a 48!

Finally, yesterday I started off okay. I hit bogies on the first two holes. After that, it seemed to be downhill from there. I ended up with a 47. Not exactly a good way to end the season.

I’m sure there will be a few more times I get to play this year. In the meantime, I’ll be working out and trying to add some yards to my drive.

I am also looking at yet another face-lift for this web site. I’m starting with the new font. What do you think?