My first Packers game at Lambeau

I just spent the last weekend with a full itinerary in Milwaukee. It all started on Thursday night, when I went on a cruise on the Milwaukee River. I had a blast. However, like last year, I lost my keys to the valets in the parking lot. I returned to my car late, and everyone had left. If I hadn’t had my spare key, I would’ve been stranded. Fortunately, unlike last year, the valets kept my keys and returned them to me the following day. It all ended on a good note.

Friday night I went to a comedy club in Germantown. It was really fun. The first time I went was a couple of weeks before, but the last featured comic just seemed to lose my interest. This time around, the featured comic kept me in stitches right to the end. I thanked him for an awesome show.

Saturday night I went to my first Packers game at Lambeau with my dad (my parents have season tickets from the Milwaukee days). When I arrived in Green Bay, I saw all kinds of people there just with such high spirits. It was so cool that I couldn’t help feel the excitement myself. We stopped in the tavern across the street before entering the stadium, where a live band was just rocking the place. The game was just spectacular, as the Packers beat the Dolphins 17-12. The drive home wasn’t bad either, as traffic flowed very well (lots of people from Milwaukee were apparently there).

Sunday I drove home and just crashed. I realized that I’m getting too old to stay up late… especially three nights in a row.