Improving my golf game

I played another round of golf this past weekend, this time with my brother-in-law. Although I didn’t do very well, I had a great time. My driver and 3-wood worked very well with me, and I even had some amazing shots with my irons. But I still need to spend more time on the putting. During an instruction session tonight during my golf league, I was told that my form was really good (that’s encouraging). Just last week, one of my coworkers told me that he was amazed at how well my hitting was, seeing how I just started this past April. I also spent a little time on my putting tonight, had a couple of corrections, and am now enthused about spending more time on the putting green.

I also spent some time with my nieces over the weekend. They are really growing up quickly. Isabel, the older one, talks quite a bit, and Madeline is walking and climbing. I joke about her becoming a future rock climber, but it may really happen. The scary thing is that she won’t be a year old until the end of this month!