Approaching bogey golf

I finally broke 41 during golf league last night. It seemed that every time I played, I just couldn’t get below 41 (in fact, it seemed that I was consistently getting 41). But I finally brought my score down to a 37 on a par 27. I hit two holes for par, bogeyed four holes, and double-bogeyed three. My short game didn’t see any more than two putts. Next week (my last week for league), my goal will be to break 36 (bogey golf). Wish me luck!!

My first Packers game at Lambeau

I just spent the last weekend with a full itinerary in Milwaukee. It all started on Thursday night, when I went on a cruise on the Milwaukee River. I had a blast. However, like last year, I lost my keys to the valets in the parking lot. I returned to my car late, and everyone had left. If I hadn’t had my spare key, I would’ve been stranded. Fortunately, unlike last year, the valets kept my keys and returned them to me the following day. It all ended on a good note.

Friday night I went to a comedy club in Germantown. It was really fun. The first time I went was a couple of weeks before, but the last featured comic just seemed to lose my interest. This time around, the featured comic kept me in stitches right to the end. I thanked him for an awesome show.

Saturday night I went to my first Packers game at Lambeau with my dad (my parents have season tickets from the Milwaukee days). When I arrived in Green Bay, I saw all kinds of people there just with such high spirits. It was so cool that I couldn’t help feel the excitement myself. We stopped in the tavern across the street before entering the stadium, where a live band was just rocking the place. The game was just spectacular, as the Packers beat the Dolphins 17-12. The drive home wasn’t bad either, as traffic flowed very well (lots of people from Milwaukee were apparently there).

Sunday I drove home and just crashed. I realized that I’m getting too old to stay up late… especially three nights in a row.

My second birdie

Tonight I hit my second birdie. It was amazing… I hit near the green, then chipped it in. Unfortunately, it was during league, so I don’t have the card, but I have three witnesses that saw it. Also, I didn’t finish as well as I was hoping… I ended up with a 45 on a par 27. My short game still needs work!

Snippets is now My Soapbox

If you haven’t noticed, I decided to change the name of “Snippets” to “My Soapbox,” to better reflect the contents of the category. As you visit this “redesigned” site, you’ll also notice that I’ve tried to make it a little easier to use. Enjoy.

Improving my golf game

I played another round of golf this past weekend, this time with my brother-in-law. Although I didn’t do very well, I had a great time. My driver and 3-wood worked very well with me, and I even had some amazing shots with my irons. But I still need to spend more time on the putting. During an instruction session tonight during my golf league, I was told that my form was really good (that’s encouraging). Just last week, one of my coworkers told me that he was amazed at how well my hitting was, seeing how I just started this past April. I also spent a little time on my putting tonight, had a couple of corrections, and am now enthused about spending more time on the putting green.

I also spent some time with my nieces over the weekend. They are really growing up quickly. Isabel, the older one, talks quite a bit, and Madeline is walking and climbing. I joke about her becoming a future rock climber, but it may really happen. The scary thing is that she won’t be a year old until the end of this month!

Closer to real golf

It’s been a long month, but oh, what a month! I’ll start with my golf game. I recently discovered that I can hit well with my woods. I played an executive par 62 course recently, and I had a blast (despite the heat and humidity). I didn’t do well, as I still need to work on my short game. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the game. I even purchased new clubs… the last set was a little short for me. I intend on spending lots of time on the putting greens.

I’ve also been extremely busy at work lately, working on budget items. However, it doesn’t seem there will be an end anytime soon, as there’s more work to be done yet.

Finally, I’ve been spending my weekends in Milwaukee for the last month. Between my family, friends, and some special events, it seems like I haven’t been able to spend any time in Madison. On the plus side, I’ve been able to find time to work out and practice my golf swing.