Cleaning my apartment

Happy Memorial Day!

I have successfully cleaned my apartment. I now have a few small items left to take care of. After six months, I’m surprised at how much trash I’ve accumulated (and finally thrown out). Next steps: build a desk.

Catch up – May 2001

I apologize for not keeping this completely updated, but here is a summary of a couple of happenings.

First, my niece Isabel celebrated her second birthday this past week. She’s growing very fast… too fast, I think. She and her sister are getting bigger as they grow (which is typical for infants and toddlers, I suppose).

I also got a chance to catch up with an old classmate of mine recently. We had the opportunity to discuss some problems with the world, and he reintroduced me to my guitar (I hadn’t played it in a while). He taught me a couple of things, so now I’m practicing. The scary thing is that he wants to continue teaching me, and I want to continue to learn. Scarier yet, I want to get a new electric guitar.

I’ve also been practicing my golf swing. I had my last lesson tonight, and I really learned a few more things about driving a ball. I was amazed at how much I’ve improved since my first lesson (yes, there have been days where the ball didn’t cooperate with me). Soon, I will be hitting the links.

Finally, I received my Wood Badge beads. Wood Badge is an advanced training for Boy Scout leaders. I completed the practical portion of it in a week (it was a three weekend training campout), and finished the “ticket” portion almost two years later (right near the end of the allotted time). It only took an additional two years for me to finally receive my beads (which is worn as part of the official uniform). I was really happy to see one of my patrol members there (one of my “classmates,” so to speak). They were awarded to me during our troop’s court of honor and pack’s crossover. We also had a Scout reunion (boys, leaders and family), which really turned out very well. Next year, our Boy Scout troop celebrated 30 years, so we have already agreed to hold another Scout reunion.

Speaking of scouts, I will be camping with them at the Milwaukee County Zoo in a couple of weeks. We will be demonstrating Native American Lore. It should be a really good time for all that attend.

Second golf lesson

I finally had my second golf lesson today. After two weeks of trying to figure out what I forgot (or what I was doing wrong), my instructor pointed out a couple of things to me. After correcting those problems, I drove the ball much better. Now all I have to do is work on consistency… then distance.

I am updating the site again. I am changing the window format for some of the pages. I have started with “My Snippets.” I will continue to evaluate the rest of the site and make updates. I’ve also added the “gatekeepers” to the banners of many of the pages.

New Maxfli clubs

After doing some shopping around, I bought a set of brand new golf clubs (irons) on Monday. But I didn’t take them out to the driving range until Tuesday (yesterday). A friend purchased a used set of old clubs (old meaning the woods were actually made of wood) at a rummage sale. He allowed me to bring them back to Madison to try out.

I started on the driving range with the old clubs. The ball seemed to move forward, but it didn’t seem to travel too well, and the clubs were pretty wieldy. Then I pulled out a Maxfli Revolution. The club swung almost effortlessly, and many of my hits were consistent (I still need to work on that slice to the right).

My first impressions of my new Maxfli Revolution clubs: Excellent!!